Amazing Pediatric Nursing Careers & How to Get in the Door

Amazing Pediatric Nursing Careers & How to Get in the Door

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One of the BEST perks of being a nurse is the ubiquitous nature of our profession. Literally anywhere in the world that healthcare or community education is provided, there is space for nursing. In fact, I know many nurses who create their own space in an environment that needs a nurse’s presence (we call them disruptors, and we love them). So, when you’re considering specialties or where you can use your nursing talent, you’re only limited by your imagination. Speaking of imagination, if you love working with kids, pediatric nursing is an excellent profession with options in hospitals, clinics, inpatient, surgery, schools and boarding schools (ahem, summers off!), and more.

Read on to learn more about working in pediatric specialties, as well as resources on finding that perfect job!

A Unique Type of School Nursing: A Day in the Life of a Boarding School Nurse

Donna Reese, RN, MSN shares all about her experience as a boarding school nurse. If you are a school nurse or are curious about the day-to-day job of a healthcare practitioner in a school system, you may find this article shows you a side of school nursing you haven’t seen before- that of a boarding school RN. The RN working at a campus where students live year-round is similar to that of a public-school nurse but with an extraordinary twist.

The Typical Week of A Solopreneur and Pediatric Dental Surgery Nurse

Brittney Bertagna, RN, BSN does it all. Literally! As both a business owner and nurse at a dental surgery center, there is always an endless to-do list. She found a great niche for her schedule and interests combining her work as a Pediatric Dental Surgery Nurse with her work as a writer. This article gives the lowdown on both!

Helping you Find That Dream Job:

If you’re clear that pediatrics is the specialty for you, it’s time to find that perfect job. Incredible Health is a great resource for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and nurse leaders looking for permanent roles with top-ranked hospitals across the United States.

Explore all Jobs in Pediatric Nursing on Incredible Health! Create a free profile and get job matches today.

Your Key Take-Away

Don’t be afraid to try a new specialty at any stage in your career. You never know how your passions can align and overlap in the vast field of nursing. Providing care to patients and the communities we serve is a gift no matter where it’s presented. If pediatrics aren’t calling your name, this How Special is a Nursing Specialty? Your Personality can help you Diagnose Your specialty Field will help you unpack a variety of specialties that may!

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