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    Featured on Good Morning America's Section on summer comfort. Watch Here.

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  • The future of the industry

    In four years or fewer, the five brands being honored in Brands That Matter 2022’s On the Rise category have already made a sizable impact across health, lifestyle, and more. Read More...

  • The 9 best scrubs of 2023

    The scrubs are so comfortable that Samantha Roecker, a board-certified registered nurse in Philadelphia, ran the Boston Marathon while wearing Moxie Scrubs. Read More

  • Ask the Expert: Alicia tulsee, CEO.

    Moxie Scrubs is disrupting the $86B global medical apparel market as the first lifestyle consumer goods brand for nurses. We are leading as the first nurse-first brand, creating innovative medical apparel designed by nurses for nurses. Read More

  • Partnership with the ANA

     Today Moxie Scrubs, the first direct-to-consumer medical apparel brand for nurses, announced a campaign in partnership with the American Nurses Association (ANA).  As a thank you to nurses for all that they do, Read More

  • Broke Guinness World Record

    Sam Roecker, a nurse at Penn Medicine's Perelman Center, set the Guinness World Record for the fast marathon in Moxie scrubs. She ran to to raise awareness and money for pandemic-weary nurses. Read More

  • Elevate your Brand podcast

    Alicia Tulsee, founder and CEO of Moxie Scrubs, and her team are disrupting the medical apparel market as the first direct-to-consumer brand for nurses. Alicia felt a calling to do something meaningful for the nursing profession. Listen Here

  • Moxie Scrubs Raised $2.4 Million

    Up-and-coming entrepreneurs have the challenge of either finding a new, unique niche or disrupting age-old systems. The key is to find an underserved market sector and create an innovative product that elevates an industry. Read More

  • Building A Lifestyle Brand for Nurses

    After being turned down at least 100 times Alicia Tulsee has developed a business that is rapidly growing into one of the leading apparel brands for the medical community today. Listen Here.

  • 2022 Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

    With an affordable price point, fashionable/sleek styles, and a patent-pending comfort waistband, Moxie is empowering nurses through its flattering and comfortable apparel – each one is named after different, inspiring nurses! Read More

  • our founder on "the next 1,000"

    Alicia Tulsee developed the idea for Moxie Scrubs while studying in Harvard University´s Innovation Lab. Read More

  • nurse ran the Boston Marathon in scrubs 

    When Samantha Roecker lined up at the Boston Marathon start, she was on a mission. She hoped to break the Guinness World Records title for fastest marathon run in scrubs to raise awareness of the need for mental health support for nurses. Read More

  • Queens Native Designs Scrubs

    CEO Alicia Tulsee sat down with NBC New York’s Pat Battle and shares her journey to creating Moxie Scrubs and what we are doing to give back this Nurses Month. Read More


    Valentine’s Day is almost here! We have the perfect gifts to make sure your Valentine is spoiled with everything she deserves! Here are our 2023 Valentine’s gifts for her. Read More

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    We asked some of our most-trusted nurses to try out a fresh set of Moxie Scrubs for us so that we could help you find your next favorite set of scrubs. Below, you’ll find three reviews covering the same facets of fit, each from a real Trusted nurse. Read More

  • Nurse Will Run Boston in Scrubs

    She’s racing Boston this year—not for speed but to call attention to a special cause. Instead of a tank top and race bottoms, she’ll be wearing scrubs, which she wears to work each day in her career as a nurse. Read More

  • Featured On episode 361

    On episode 361 of The Nurse Keith Show nursing and healthcare career podcast, Keith interviews Alicia Tulsee, the Founder and CEO of Moxie Scrubs, a brand born out of the Harvard Innovation Lab in Boston. Listen Here

  • interviewed by interplanetary journalist

    Hi friends, it’s Spiffy, back again on Planet Earth with an eye on entrepreneurs making the world a more equitable place! Today I’m excited to cruise around with Alicia Tulsee, founder and CEO of Moxie Scrubs Inc. Read More

  • RN Runs marathon in scrubs

    A Philadelphia nurse broke a Guinness World Record when she donned her hospital scrubs and ran a marathon in 2 hours, 48 minutes and 2 seconds. Read More

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    Moxie Scrubs Supported a Collection of Stories from Nurses during Year of the Nurse. Read Here