We plan to get all pre-orders shipped by late January 2021. These scrubs are worth the wait!

Our Gift to You

In each one of your orders, there will be a special gift just for you to enjoy. Trust us when we say this; you'll love your gift.

We have NUMEROUS gifts to send you as a THANK YOU for supporting us! All of these gifts are things that nurses really want!


We know picking the right fit can be difficult online which is why we have an entire department dedicated to making sure you are content with your MOXIE experience.

Moxie Scrubs is committed to drama-free exchanges and returns. Simply contact our Customer Service and we’ll make sure you’re happy.

Our Customer Service department is available Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm EST by calling (833) 803-3324.

We pride ourselves on drama-free returns. Our shipping bag is designed to be used for easy returns. Simply call our customer service at (833) 803-3324 and we’ll help you through the process!