Get Your SHIFT on with Moxie Scrubs

Get Your SHIFT on with Moxie Scrubs

Moxie Scrubs
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Looking for scrubs that make you feel like it’s finally about you? The pair of perfect scrubs that add extra comfort to those long shifts that make it feel like you’re in lounge clothes while working? Moxie Scrubs might be the perfect choice for you! Here at Moxie Scrubs, moxie defines the “force of character, determination, or nerve” characteristic to nurses all over the country. With these scrubs, you no longer have to choose fashion and professionalism over comfort. Each set of our scrubs are designed and named after real nurses, like you, that serve their local communities. 

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Our scrubs offer options for all body types because we believe that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that comfort is based on finding the perfect pair that works for you. However, many women, when picking out their scrubs, don’t know their actual measurements, which makes it difficult to find the most comfortable fitting set. Moxie Scrubs, we fit pretty true to size, so that nurses no longer have to face this persistent issue. 

When picking out your set of scrubs, matching your tops and pants can add a look of professionalism to your shift. However, you are always able to add some personality to your scrubs. If you choose to rock a black or navy solid color top, maybe customize it by adding a pin to make the solid color pop. It can be related to your specific nursing specialty or something that you think may brighten your patients’ day. You can also accessorize with a comfortable pair of shoes, a fun headband, or a simple necklace to finish off your look. 

Whatever look you’re going for, be sure to shop and get your shift on with Moxie Scrubs.

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