A Guide to Perfect Set of Scrubs for Nurses

A Guide to Perfect Set of Scrubs for Nurses

Shelley DeBusk, NP
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Looking for the perfect set of professional, comfortable scrubs for nurses? Shifts are long and sometimes messy, so the clothes we wear matter. Once you work in nursing long enough, you will realize not all scrubs are created equal.

Moxie Scrubs are designed by nurses, specifically to meet our needs of fit, comfort, pockets, professional style, and breathability. Nursing is among the most demanding professions in healthcare, with 12+ hour shifts on your feet and constant challenges. That means that all healthcare workers including Nurse Practitioners, LPNs, Lab Techs, Medical Assistants, and more benefit from wearing scrubs designed by and for nurses!

So what makes Moxie Scrubs the best pair of scrubs you can buy?

1. Fabulous Fit

The perfect fit is the most important quality in a set of scrubs. How our scrubs fit affects how we feel. It can impact productivity and motivation at work. If you’re like me, you want to feel professional and respected. So, take the time to find the ideal fit that works for you and your body.

Moxie Scrubs’ inclusive sizing fits and flatters all body types, with sizes ranging from extra small to 3XL (with XXS and plus size scrubs for women to 5XL coming soon!). Regular, petite, and tall medical scrub pant lengths ensure that everyone can have scrubs that flatter their body.

Some prefer looser scrubs with classic style pants. Others prefer jogger scrub pant styles which are more fitted. Drawstrings on scrubs are considered a must no matter the style.

Regardless of the scrub style you prefer, they need to stretch and move. Moxie Scrubs have a signature 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you. As nurses, we don’t want to show our backside when we bend down to get something off the floor, or squat next to a patient at the bedside. And we want to keep our front covered when bending to lift a patient. Moxie Scrubs have a perfectly measured neckline on nurse scrub tops to provide coverage and modesty, but are still loose enough to be comfortable.

Focusing on the right fit for your body needs to be your top priority.

2. Comfort is Everything

Comfort matters! When it comes to clothes, especially scrubs, the softer the better. Moxie’s super soft scrubs are perfect for the physical demands of nursing. These scrubs are so soft that they feel like pajamas!

Wearing rough fabric can be painful and cause skin irritation, creating a distraction from caring for our patients. Finding soft scrubs which don’t rub or irritate our skin helps us be productive and do our jobs the best we can.

Don’t wear scratchy scrubs at work when you can wear the super soft feel of Moxie Scrubs that wrap you in comfort and feel so soft against your skin.

And, Moxie Scrubs have a wide, soft, full elastic waistband (patent pending!) which ensures that your scrubs don’t dig into your waist.

3. Wash and Wear

Scrubs should be easy to care for and wrinkle-free. No one wants to iron their scrubs! With Moxie Scrubs you are able to take them right from the dryer, and they are ready to wear without additional care. No one has time for that!

Here is a quick tip on caring for your scrubs: Wash your medical scrubs separately from your other clothes. Make sure you pre-treat any stains before washing. It might take more than one wash to get stains out, so look before you throw them in the dryer. You don’t want to set a stain because you did not pre-treat it prior to washing.

Make sure you buy five to six sets of scrubs . You need a clean set for each shift you work per week. Having several sets prevents you having to worry about washing scrubs after a long day at work.

4. Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Pockets are life in nursing. In scrubs, the more pockets the better! Pockets are a place for all those alcohol swabs, band-aids, pens, and IV line caps. The zipper security pocke t on Moxie Scrubs for nurses gives you a place to store all of your supplies. The internal media pocket provides a safe place for you to keep items like a cell phone or pager. Just make sure you empty those pockets before you wash your scrubs. If you don’t, you might end up with ink stains or a washed phone!

5. Breathable (aka: no sweat!)

Nursing is a physical job. We bend, squat, walk (sometimes run), and lift medical equipment an patients. We need scrubs that keep us cool during our demanding days. Light and breezy scrubs keep us from getting overheated and sweaty. When we are wearing personal protective equipment, breathable scrubs help reduce sweating.

If you are a nurse that is always cold, I recommend getting a scrub jacket for an extra layer to stay warm. It is nice for the cool mornings as you head to work and if you happen to be charting right in front of the AC. Then, as you warm up or you have to enter an isolation room, it is easy to take off.

Stylish, comfortable and well-fitting scrubs for nurses are a necessity within reach. Many hospitals require navy blue scrubs or black scrubs as the medical uniform of choice; if that's the case Moxie has you covered. If your hospital does not have an assigned color nurses must wear, you can wear a different color every day. Have fun with it!

Get ready to invest in yourself and your career with a pair of Moxie Scrubs!

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About the Author:

Shelley DeBusk is a pediatric nurse practitioner in Texas. She has over 20 years of experience in pediatrics. She has worked in both inpatient and outpatient care. She is passionate about educating parents about their child’s health and development. When she is not at work, she is busy being a wife and mom.


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