Scrub Pants Debate: Classic Straight Leg vs. Jogger Scrubs

Scrub Pants Debate: Classic Straight Leg vs. Jogger Scrubs

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Scrub Pants Debate: Classic Straight Leg vs. Joggers

Working in healthcare is hard work. Whether you are a nurse, nursing student, or other healthcare worker, scrubs are the typical uniform required for work. If you are a nurse, you most likely work 12-hour shifts where much of that is spent on your feet. In addition to barely sitting, nurses and healthcare workers are often lifting, bending, and pulling patients or equipment. The last thing that nurses want is to be uncomfortable with what they’re wearing. That’s why it is important to purchase scrubs that not only fit well but are durable and comfortable. Scrub pants used to be straight-legged or flared, but in recent years, jogger scrubs have become the popular choice for women.

Not sure which choice is best? Let’s compare! 

(P.S. Whichever you choose, we absolutely love pairing super-soft Moxie Scrubs with Klogs. We figure, the most comfortable scrubs paired with the most comfortable nursing shoes is a win-win. ;)

Why are Jogger Scrubs so Popular?

The onset of jogger scrub pants has added an extra level of fashion to the healthcare uniform. These pants are trendy, sporty, and so comfortable! If you love feeling like you get to work in pajamas, these are about as close as it gets.

One of the biggest selling points for jogger scrubs is that they don’t drag on the floor as most scrub pants do. It’s likely that you don’t want your pants dragging in the bacteria and unknown fluids you may encounter in a hospital. During the pandemic, nurses were seen taping up their scrub pant bottoms to prevent this from happening. The jogger option eliminated the need for tape.

Want to try a pair for yourself? Check out the Justine jogger pants by Moxie scrubs! These pants come in many sizes and colors, and even come with SIX pockets (you read that right)! They are made with stretchy fabric and an elastic waistband, providing the ultimate level of comfort. You might even be tempted to sleep or exercise in them.

Other jogger highlights include:

  • Deep entry front pockets

  • Side cargo and media pocket

  • Quick dry fabric

Justine Jogger Pants

Justine Jogger Pants


DESCRIPTION   The Justine Jogger Scrubs for women are our best-seller for a reason: with unparalleled comfort, style, and ease of movement, these nurse scrubs were built to run marathons, both on and off your shift.  Indulge in the ultimate personalized… read more

Classic Straight-Leg Scrub Pants

Though the jogger pants are like a shiny, new toy, who doesn’t love a classic? Moxie Scrubs’ Catherine scrub pants are the epiphany, the most comfortable scrubs, equipped with stretchy fabric and an elastic waistband. When you spend most of your shift on your feet, you need something super soft and breathable to move in. You never know when you may have to run to that code, so you might as well be comfortable while doing it.

Do you find yourself needing supplies during your shift? These pants come with SEVEN pockets, Moxie Scrubs definitely had your needs in mind when they designed these pants.

Other highlights of the classic option include:

  • Side vents

  • Breathable fabric that dries quickly

  • Pocket types include a zipper security pocket and a media pocket

  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes (they even have tall options)

Catherine Pants

Catherine Pants


DESCRIPTION   The Catherine Scrub Pants are the must-have item in your selection of comfortable and professional workwear. At Moxie, we have taken the classic straight leg scrubs pant style and upgraded it to a whole new level.  Our 4-Way Stretch,… read more

What will it be?

Whether you choose the new, trendy jogger style or you’re a classic, Moxie Scrubs has you covered. Don’t forget to pair your pants of choice with one of their super soft scrub tops and a scrubs jacket! Working in healthcare is tough, but choosing what to wear shouldn’t be. Try out one or both styles of scrub pants that were designed by nurses with nurses in mind.


Moxie Scrubs-Jogger

Moxie Scrubs-Classic

Moxie Scrub Tops

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