Scrubs are Better than Sweats

Scrubs are Better than Sweats

Moxie Scrubs
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That’s right, we said it! Scrubs are better than sweats! Nurses have known for a long time the ease of stepping into a coordinated set of scrubs and can certainly attest to their all-day wear.

Scrubs may not seem like the first choice for the off-duty medical professional or for those outside of healthcare; but, we promise you scrubs really are the best lounge wear option on the market today.

Top Reasons Why Scrubs are better than sweats

  1. Easy Care: Scrubs will withstand wash after wash after wash. Designed to be a barrier between medical professionals and their work environment, scrubs are heavy duty and meant to last. Popping scrubs into the washer has never been easier. You don't have to worry about shrinking like your cotton sweats.
  2. Stylish and Flattering: There are many different styles of scrubs on the market. From joggers to looser fitting pants, you can find a pair that flatters your body. In fact, our Justine Jogger gets mistaken for “regular” joggers on a regular basis. Meant to flatter your body, jogger scrubs are the ultimate fashion forward scrub bottom to wear on your next day off.
  3. All Day Wear Constructed to wear during 12+ hour shifts, scrubs are designed with ultimate comfort. They move with you, they breathe. With Moxie Scrubs’s patent pending waistband, they take all-day wear up to the next level. It is like weaning your favorite t-shirt around your waist. 10/10 approved for your next all day long Netflix binge.

What are you waiting for? Ditch the unflattering, outdated sweats and slip into a pair of comfortable scrubs today!

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