Spinning and Catching Babies: A Labor and Delivery Nurse Birth Story

Spinning and Catching Babies: A Labor and Delivery Nurse Birth Story

Angela Vallillo, MPH, BSN, RN, C-EFM, C-ONQS Angela Vallillo, MPH, BSN, RN, C-EFM, C-ONQS
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As a labor and delivery nurse, I’m a magnet for people’s birth stories. It took some getting used to at first, but I love hearing them! I consider myself a safe space for people to share their stories, and I take that job very seriously. After a few years in the field, I have collected quite a few of my own.

One story that sticks out to me happened when I was on my very first travel assignment. My patient’s water broke early with no contractions. She was giving birth to her third baby and was so tired of being pregnant. She wanted to try ANYTHING to get the baby to come quickly. I pulled out all the tricks that I know. 

I took a class called "Spinning Babies" (highly recommended!) that teaches providers about the anatomy of the pelvis and the cardinal movements of the baby. The class teaches different positions that can be done in labor to facilitate rotation of the baby. The techniques are so helpful and work almost like magic!

The baby was very high in the pelvis, which made it easy to choose where to start. I had the patient lay flat on the bed with her legs dropped down towards the floor. We immediately started to see the baby moving around in her stomach! The baby was kicking the monitors. Mom was now convinced that my tricks were going to work. After that, I had her sit cross legged in the bed and she started to get so uncomfortable. Contractions were coming quicker and stronger now. 

We also use a tool called a "peanut ball" to open the pelvis. This was the perfect situation to use this tool. I placed it with the patient on her side, and she instantly felt pressure with contractions. I called her doctor and let him know the good news and he was on his way. 

A few minutes later, she told me she needed to push and there was no stopping her! She was unmedicated and it was her third baby. I quickly realized that the doctor wasn’t going to make it and called for the in-house doctor. I had gloves on and was ready to catch the baby, if needed. 

With one huge grunt, the baby came flying out! I was delivering the head when the doctor rushed through the door. The baby came out screaming and I put him on mom’s chest. Successful nurse delivery! (It was my first!)

After I came down from all the adrenaline, I debriefed with the patient about what happened. I always try to do this so that no one is left wondering about their birth experience. She was grateful I was there and I admitted it was my first nurse delivery. She said that it could’ve fooled her because I stayed calm and knew what I was doing. (Phew!) 

Definitely a birth story to remember and proof that Spinning Babies works wonders!

About the Author, Angela Vallillo, MPH, BSN, RN, C-EFM, C-ONQS

Angela is a travel labor and delivery RN. She is also in midwifery school at Frontier Nursing University and a clinical specialist for MindChild Medical, Inc., the creator of a non-invasive fetal ECG device. She holds certifications in electronic fetal monitoring and obstetric and neonatal quality and safety. 

What does Moxie mean to Angela? “Moxie means having a fighting spirit, and that means fiercely advocating for my patients.”

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