Teamwork as a Travel Nurse

Teamwork as a Travel Nurse

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Teamwork as a Travel Nurse

Written by Stacy Burr BSN, RN 

 "A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of others." 

Norman Shidle

Teamwork makes the dream work

As nurses, we love the feeling of being a part of a team that improves our patients' health. There are so many people to make friends with at work- nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, doctors, hospitality personnel, and more! 

But, how does this change when you decide to pack up your favorite medical scrubs and become a travel nurse? 

How do you incorporate teamwork into a position that is temporary? 

Your travel nurse team

Every travel nurse has a team behind them when they begin an assignment. Let's take a look at what that team entails! 

  • Your recruiter is your go-between with your new employer. They know what you want in an assignment, where you want to go, your clinical skills, and how to set up your pay package.

  • Your clinical team is responsible for gathering all of your paperwork. They verify licensure, keep you up to date on expiring certifications, and schedule any necessary pre-employment testing.

  • The payroll department makes sure that your paycheck is correct and that you are paid on time.

Once this team has done their job, you're ready for the first day of your new assignment! 

Get acquainted with your new unit

Each unit has a unique ambiance, something special that creates team cohesion. Here’s how to make it easier to join the team!

  • Meet with the scheduler. Find out if you’ll be able to pick up extra shifts or just the days you are scheduled to work already.

  • Acquaint yourself with the charge nurses. Communicate your strengths so they know what you can handle when making patient assignments.

  • Get to know your co-workers right away. These are the people that will inform you of what is expected while you are there, and explain what they need, too. Plus, you might even make a friend or two!

  • Jump right in! Help out your new team of nurses without them having to ask.

  • Don’t forget to get your gloves dirty and help your nurse techs. 

  • 4 great tips from The Muse to help you settle in!

Enjoy your new surroundings

As a travel nurse you are blessed to be able to get to know a whole new city, state, or country. 

To get you started, check out Top 10 Ways to Explore a City

However, keep in mind your new coworkers are the best resource. Find out their favorite restaurants, hiking trails, coffee shops, and yoga classes. They’ll clue you in to hole-in-the-wall restaurants that you'd never find on Google. Once your shift is over, you can enjoy these hidden gems together!

Plus, then you will have an amazing friend to stay with in a beautiful destination!


About the Author: Stacy Burr BSN, RN. 

I have been a nurse since 2009. I started out as an LVN and transitioned to my BSN. I became a travel nurse in 2019. I am also the Vice president of Nita Marie's Angels (NMA), a 501(c)3 organization that recovers victims of Human trafficking and supports families of violent crimes.

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