Top 6 Reasons to Dress Your Best at Work as a Nurse

Top 6 Reasons to Dress Your Best at Work as a Nurse

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Dressing for success is important in any profession. However, especially in the medical profession, dressing your best will help make patients and coworkers feel confident in your abilities as a nurse. Keep following along to find out the top six reasons to dress your best at work: 

1. Your First Impression Counts

As a nurse working in the medical field, a good first-impression can help to command the respect of your patients and co-workers. Cleanliness and sterility directly play into the health and safety of your work environment. Being able to dress in a pair of easy-care, easy-wear scrubs help to make sure you create a wrinkle-free first impression.

2. It Boosts Self-Confidence 

If you feel good in what you’re wearing, then it helps others think the best of you as well. It also boosts our attitudes and self-confidence which helps us to shine in our role as caregivers. A positive attitude is everything because as a nurse, you are there on your patient’s best and worst days.

3. Draws the Best Kind of Attention 

Dressing professionally carries a lot of weight with nurses. It's not just about being fashionable or looking nice. It can be important to draw the attention of those around you and help them see how well you do at your job. This is especially true if you're a new nurse or working on a new unit. After all, your patients are waiting to see you!

4. Keeps you Productive

We all like to be comfortable at work when we are on our feet for our 12+ hour-long shifts. Being comfortable doesn’t mean you can't look professional! Our nurse-designed scrubs are not only designed to be super comfortable but also provide flattering fits that help you command the respect that you need and deserve. Taking away the distraction of what you are wearing can help you be productive. It is our hope that through our scrubs providing you comfort all shift long, you are better able to focus on what you do best - caring for your patients! 

5. Attention to Detail 

When you put in time and effort when picking out your scrubs, it shows your employer that you tend to pay attention to details which is a good trait to have in the workplace, especially as a nurse. This is important because you are often required to notice minute details about the health of your patients.

6. You Have Fun

Dressing for work should be fun and it can be an opportunity to express who you are. Even though scrubs are your professional uniform, if your workplace allows it, you can still choose colors that reflect you and your personal style. Try infusing pops of color, if applicable, like our bright and fun carnation scrub color and see if this color matches your style and personality.

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