Meet The Nurses Behind Our Collection

Each design is named after the nurse that worked with our world-class designers to bring ease to your shift, making Moxie Scrubs the most comfortable, flattering scrubs you've ever worn. 

Meet Ashley Scott BSN, RN, PCCN

What comes to mind when you think of MOXIE?

"When I think of MOXIE, I think of someone who is well-balanced, has the strength and the determination to lead, understands their goals and potential and never quits in pursuit of them. I use moxie everyday as a nurse...I am MOXIE!"

"It's an honor to be a part of patients lives in often some of their lowest times, and within a couple hours or even minutes, gain the kind of trust that usually takes years to grow."

Meet Stephanie, BSN, RN

How do you use MOXIE?

"I use MOXIE in my nursing life everyday - I am the voice of the patient who is unable to speak, but I am also the voice for the patient that can. I use MOXIE every time I advocate for my patients. I use MOXIE every shift that I am a nurse because I am MOXIE!"

Meet Diana, BSN, RN

What does having MOXIE mean to you?

"Moxie Scrubs, as a brand, understands our passion for healing and the compassion we have for those in need. In our profession, our eyes have seen much but our hands make the difference in the lives of those we care for. This is what having MOXIE means to me."

Meet Justine, BSN, RN

What does MOXIE represent to you?

"MOXIE represents inner strength, courage, and passion for our profession. As nurses, we are continuously faced with challenges and given immense responsibility. It takes MOXIE to do what we do."

Meet Catherine Burger MSOL, RN, NEA-BC

What does it mean to FINALLY have a brand focused on nurses?

“Having a brand that focuses on nurses means that I’m getting a product that is nurse-approved! Our work and needs are different than any profession, so having scrubs that function like we need them to perform is refreshing. Finally, it’s about us!”

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