Nominate a Nurse

Nominate a nurse you know so we can give them the recognition they deserve, and send them a free gift!

It’s important to us that we honor the critical work of nurses and all frontline workers. We’re so grateful to these community leaders.

That’s what inspired us here at Moxie Scrubs to launchNominate a Nurse, a storytelling initiative that recognizes nurses for their hard work, contributions, and extraordinary dedication to patients, nurses, and the nursing profession. We’re interviewing nurses around the country, so these important stories can be heard.


What is a #MoxieNurse?

#MoxieNurses have force of character, determination, and nerve.

A #MoxieNurse may stand up for what is right and vocally advocate in their professional or personal lives.

She might be a single mom, who offers the kindest of care to her patients.

They may help their coworkers make it through the night shift with just the right words of encouragement.

She may be a veteran nurse, that new nurses come to for advice, knowing her door is always open.

But you know who really knows what makes a #MoxieNurse?

You do.


How it works:

If a nurse or healthcare worker stands out in your mind and heart, and you wish the world knew about her, she very may well be a #MoxieNurse.

You can nominate them. Share with us why you feel they should be honored in this way.

Then, we will review nominations and reach out to interview potential #MoxieNurses.

Nominations can be made by peers, employers, family, or others who know the nominee well. Self-nominations are also accepted. You know if you’ve got Moxie.

And… this isn’t really a competition. The more nurses with Moxie, the better. For everyone!

Please leave your contact information so we can reach out with any follow up questions if needed and the contact information of your nomination.


Nominate a nurse you know so we can give them the recognition they deserve!