The Best Plus Size Scrubs For Curvy Women

The Best Plus Size Scrubs For Curvy Women

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Written by Kimmi Thompson, RN MSN

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your scrubs while at work? As healthcare professionals, we have a lot of responsibilities, and deciding what scrubs to wear for our long shifts should be the least of our worries. Our hectic schedules require us to perform better at work, especially when emergencies arise and our quick response is needed. We must ensure that the plus-size scrubs we wear provide comfort and mobility.

How do you choose the perfect plus size scrubs for your curves without compromising your style and your hospital’s dress code? Here are the essential factors to look for in plus-size scrubs that meet your needs!

Super Soft - Super Stretchy

The responsibilities of our jobs require us to provide care for our patients, which often includes lifting, squatting, carrying, hauling, or maybe even lunging. Scrubs with a flattering neckline and a full elastic waistband, and an internal adjustable drawstring will provide the style and comfort needed while doing these strenuous activities. Select scrubs with 4-way stretch to ensure ease of movement, allowing you to stay versatile even during high-pressure situations.

Easy Care - Easy Wear

Scrubs that are easy to wash and dry are highly important for keeping up with all your duties. Healthcare workers have the potential of many substances (saline, coffee, bodily fluids) getting on their scrubs. That’s why stain-resistant fabric is another important characteristic of scrubs to look for. Breathable, lightweight, and quick dry fabric will keep up with you during the long shifts as you run from one room to another.

Multi-functional Pockets

Whether you need to carry your valuables with you, or the small essentials during your duty, super soft scrubs with multi-functional pockets are the best choice. You need pockets on your scrub pants as well as your scrub top to ensure you can carry everything you need to. You don’t want to take multiple trips back and forth in the same room, right? Pockets with zippers to keep your alcohol prep pads safe, a pocket dedicated to your phone and another 5 pockets for all your essential tools will be beneficial throughout your workday.

Trendy Style

Following your hospital’s dress code doesn’t mean you can’t wear flattering scrubs, too! A contemporary scrub with a classy tone won’t only give you a trendy look but will make you feel confident like the highly skilled professional you are. Consider shopping for plus-size scrubs with muted colors such as gray or ceil blue and forest green, bold colors like Caribbean blue or carnation, or opt for neutral options like black scrubs. When it comes to designs, you can mix and match your scrub set, too! Pair a form-fitting, v-neck scrub top with the Catherine straight-leg scrub pant for a chic style, or Justine jogger scrubs for a fashion-forward, sporty look.

Professional, Polished, Plus-Size Scrubs

As a healthcare professional, you are the face of your company as well as your profession. Having a proper pair of scrubs will ensure trust from your patients and coworkers. Scrubs that combine comfort and style will promote professionalism as you glide from patient care to administration meetings.

Inclusive Sizing for Perfect Fit

To ensure proper fit when shopping for plus size scrubs for women, use this size guide to measure your body and find the perfect pair of scrubs.

Using the size guide will help you determine the perfect size for you and prevent the need for reordering and wearing uncomfortable scrubs. If you prefer a loose, more traditional fit, choose your normal size. For a fitted, more tailored look, choose one size down.

As a curvy woman, you know the importance of looking good and feeling good in your workwear. When looking for scrubs that will highlight your perfect body while ensuring comfort and professionalism, Moxie Scrubs has scrub collections that provide the durability, comfort, and professional look you need!


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Author: Kimmi Thompson, RN MSN

I am an RN and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I have spent years caring for young families and can use that experience to write empathetic, clinically accurate web content that resonates with your audience.

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